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43rd Annual Student Competition
November a6, 2015- December 6, 2015

Coker’s annual student exhibition is designed as a competition and includes entries from both beginning and advanced students. Also by design, the exhibition's judge is a professional artist from outside the Hartsville area. This year, the judge will be Carey Morton whose sculptures were displayed at Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery last month. The judge for this show is always given free reign and the resulting shows have ranged from large and inclusive, to small theme oriented exhibitions. As with all of our independent judges, Mr. Morton’s choices may reinforce the opinions of faculty and peers, but they are also likely to refute some of those opinions. In either case, this selection process has always served as a catalyst for critical discussion.


From Piedmont, South Carolina, Carey Morton is a sculptor who uses a variety of materials including but not limited to wood, steel, latex, and found materials. Carey Morton earned his BFA degree from Winthrop University with a concentration in Sculpture and Drawing. He is currently pursuing his MFA at Clemson University.

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