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43rd Annual Faculty and Staff Exhibition
January 15, 2016- January 30, 2016

As in years past, the Coker Art Department starts off the New Year with a show of faculty work. The 43rd Annual Faculty Show includes work by professors Jim Boden, Jean Grosser, Ken Maginnis, Kim Truesdale, Kevin Kao and Exhibition Director, Ashley Gillespie. These annual presentations, which are a tradition in most college and university art departments, offer the Coker and Hartsville community the opportunity to see the faculty’s most recent work. Some of the Staff and Faculty members will be present for the reception, and they look forward to answering any questions you may have about their artwork. Coker’s 43rd Annual Faculty Show will remain on view through February 5, 2016.


Jean Grosser, Chair of the Art Department, has taught at Coker since 1985. Jean is currently on sabbatical leave and will be returning in the fall but will show a drawing. Her large-scale drawings examine issues of human rights and social justice. See more on Jean's art at


Graphic Designer, Ken Maginnis, joined Coker in 1999. In addition to teaching and designing for the department and college, Ken designs web sites and promotional materials for businesses and individuals. Ken usually picks a selection of his design work (in poster format) for the faculty show. See more on Ken at


Jim Boden, who teaches drawing, painting, and art criticism, also joined Coker’s faculty in 1999.  Jim’s paintings and drawings always provide interesting contrasts, as he manages to be both analytical and spontaneous. Despite the seriousness of his message, Jim finds humor in political issues and societal conformities. See more on Jim’s art at


Ashley Gillespie, a graduate of Coker College in 2014 is the Exhibition Director of the Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery at Coker College. Ashley will be showing a selection of figure drawings in mixed media. Her large-scale drawings are the direct result of her research on relationship psychology. See more on Ashley at


Kim Truesdale, a graduate of Coker College in 2008 is the adjunct art education professor at Coker.  Kim will be exhibiting a collection of small drawings.


Kevin Kao will be teaching ceramics and art history at Coker this semester while Jean Grosser is on sabbatical leave. Kevin will be exhibiting his ceramic sculptures that play on gravity and balance. His subject matter provides a humorous perspective of otherwise complicated ideas, such as race, objectification, and individuality. See more on Kevin at

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